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Invigorate Your Property with Mulching in Auburn, AL

A bright and open property is welcoming and delivers a lot of aesthetic value and curb appeal. You can easily gain this presence for your yard by taking advantage of the skills of our team at Granger Land Services. A beautiful property is easily within your grasp when you contact us for woodscaping services such as mulching in Auburn, AL..

From Preparation to the Finishing Touches   

You can rely on us for land clearing and site preparation work, including pads for mobile homes, shops, and other structures. Our goal is to stimulate your property and give it a whole new look by removing brush, stumps, and small trees that hinder its value and stand in the way of improvement. When the project is wrapping up, and debris needs to be hauled away, we do that as well, from brush to garbage to construction materials. 

Opening Up the Landscape   

Don’t let the brush on your property get out of hand and diminish its value. Instead, call on us for mulching in Montgomery, AL, that will encourage your greenery to flourish while eliminating overgrown brush and trees. Taking this step is beneficial for homeowners and real estate agents who are looking to improve properties and make them as attractive as possible.


For each project, we remove the problem brush at the root along with large weeds and trees up to 6” in diameter. This lets flowers and other plants flourish in the newly opened and appealing space.


We have the equipment to ensure the job is done right thanks to our 110hp CAT 297 compact track loader and high-tech GyroTrac HM500 mulching head, as well as our other commercial trimming equipment.