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 Forestry Mulching in Tallassee, AL, to Help Your Property Prosper

Get more from your property by clearing the land. When your lot is choked up with underbrush, weeds, and small trees, it limits your options for using it, as well as the types of flora that can flourish there. Beautify your property by choosing Granger Land Services, LLC for forestry mulching in Tallassee, AL, and the surrounding area.


Forestry mulching is a land clearing method in which vegetation is processed where it stands using a single, heavy-duty mulcher. By eliminating steps and equipment, forestry mulching dramatically expedites the land clearing process. Contact us to learn more about this method and find out if it’s right for your property.

The Advantages of Mulching

When you need a quick turnaround on your property, choose our crew for mulching in Montgomery, AL, Tallassee, AL, and Auburn, AL. Thanks to our powerful equipment and extensive experience, we’ll transform your lot in no time, removing the overgrown vegetation and leaving behind an all-natural mulch that will help flora flourish.


Unlike more invasive methods of land clearing, there’s little risk of soil erosion – in fact, the soil structure will be left almost entirely intact. Furthermore, the mulch resulting from the clearing creates a protective, nutrient-rich barrier that grass and desirable vegetation will eventually grow through. Talk to our team to learn more about the advantages of forestry mulching.