The Power of Our Forestry Mulching in Tallassee, AL

Lots of lands and excessive vegetation can make clearing take a long time if it's done little by little. A much better solution is to clear land using forestry mulching. In Tallassee, AL, the best choice for a job like that is undoubtedly Granger Land Services, LLC. We have the heavy equipment to remove unwanted brush, trees, plants, and other obstacles quickly and efficiently. By choosing us, you get the work done much faster and can start your construction sooner.


A forestry mulching company like ours knows not only how to clear more land in less time but also how to do it safely. We have more than 15 years of experience in this field and take every precaution to keep your property safe and clean. By the time we're done, every area from the trails to the ponds and creeks will be clear and ready to use.

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Our professionals are happy to offer a free estimate and let you know whether mulching is ideal for you. Feel free to ask any questions and raise any concerns. The forestry mulching contractor at Granger Land Services, LLC, is fully qualified to answer them.


We bring the powerful equipment your job needs.

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